Mug Cozy

I did it!  I made a mug cozy.  I’ve been working on some crochet projects over the last couple of weeks and have really enjoyed getting back into some crafty things. I finished a scarf, worked on some coasters and then I saw a picture for a mug cozy.  They are all over Etsy right now and I didn’t want to purchase one as I figured I could make my own.  It’s not perfect but it’s cute and I made it!  I’m quite thrilled.

My Grandmother taught me to knit when I was young and it was difficult.  I am left handed so everything was backwards and she worked so hard to find a way to teach me.  Every time I pick up my needles I think of those hours spent learning with her.  I’m a much better knitter than crocheter but she also taught me the basics of crochet so I have her to thank for this Mug Cozy.  Her instructions as well as the time we spent together are moments I will cherish forever. I doubt my Grandma will ever know how much that time meant to me but I am profoundly grateful to her for giving me the gift of her knowledge and love.


One response to “Mug Cozy

  1. Handcrafts of all sorts are disappearing. Kids don’t learn to make anything with their hands anymore. Too busy on computer keys or in front of TV.

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