A Vision

I’ve been thinking about this video constantly since I watched it earlier this week.   I was struck by a few things about what this Church is (or wants to be):

  1. It’s relational.
  2. It’s intentional.
  3. It’s meaningful.
  4. It’s focused on Christ.
  5. It’s about what’s happening now, in the moment.

My denomination (the Presbyterian Church in Canada) wants to know what vision we (the people) have for the future of the Church.  Here’s my vision:

  1. It’s relational.
  2. It’s intentional.
  3. It’s meaningful.
  4. It’s focus is on Christ.
  5. It’s about what’s happening now, in the moment.

Shocking, right?  I want a Church that actually means something to people today.  I want us to shift our focus from retention and survival to one of worship and mission.  I want a place where people I know feel comfortable coming and would want to invite their friends.  Also, I wouldn’t mind coffee in Church.  I’d rather enjoy that.

The thing is, Church to me is not about a building, a denomination or a history.  Church to me is about Christ.  It’s a place where I can go to worship in community, dive into the word and find a way to give back to the world I live in.   It should be a place where people find comfort and support.  It should be open and willing to change to serve the needs of the people who are seeking.

I am Presbyterian. But before that, I am a follower of Christ.  My vision for us involves intention.  It involves relationships.  It involves following Christ as we live intentionally in relationship with one another.  My hope for our future involves us rediscovering Jesus’ teachings, following his example and living this life in the world, unashamed and ready to share.


3 responses to “A Vision

  1. Instead of squabbling over doctrine and being involved in secular issues the churches should focus on social mission as a community resource to all those in need, economically as well as spiritually. I agree with you all the way. Carl D’Agostino, Presbyterian.

    • what makes Christian living a delightfully frustrating challenge is that focus on a “social mission as a community resource to all those in need…” involves the church directly in secular issues, and doctrinal difference. The vital church will (eventually) realize that the question requires a ‘both – and’ response, rather than an ‘either – or’ solution. The challenge of my current congregational ministry, is to find a way to articulate the needs of the community and then meet those needs, from a position of real integrity (and for that, I’m afraid, we need sound, and occasionally squabble-inducing, doctrine) a challenge not easily solved, but one that is certainly worth the effort.

      Jeff Lackie

  2. That’s a great video! I so appreciated this post Becky. Since leaving the pastorate, my husband and I have been searching for a church that has the exact qualities you mentioned. We’re still searching. Why is it so difficult?! I know the answer to that, but it is more than frustrating at times!

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