Random Thought Thursday: November 24th Edition (and a Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends!)

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends!  To those of you who may be Canadian, happy random Thursday in the middle of November when there happens to be football on the television, amazing sales in stores and a general sense of the festive everywhere you go.
  2. My attempts at learning to crochet aren’t going terribly.  I’ve finally got the hang of it and my tension’s not that bad.  Looking forward to the scarf being finished so I can wear it.  The yarn is incredibly soft and I’m in love with the colour.
  3. I can’t believe it’s so close to Christmas!  The Advent Project begins in less than one week.  Please join in!  It’s fun, free and hopefully will add some meaning to the season.
  4. This week I will be attempting to make peppermint sugar cookies.  If they are good I will definitely post the recipe.  I may also attempt some gingerbread.  I have the best gingerbread recipe but it’s quite fussy so I’m hoping to simplify it and still have cookie heaven.
  5. I’m hoping to end the day with a little National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation but if it doesn’t happen, it will before the weekend is through.  Enjoy this time.  It really is beginning to look at lot like Christmas!

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