Tim Tebow is?

Tim Tebow is______________

  1. A man of Faith
  2. A terrible traditional Quarterback
  3. Luckiest guy alive
  4. All of the above?

Tim Tebow is driving me insane right now.  Not for the reasons that you might think.  He’s bad in a traditional sense but he gets the job done.  He is a hard worker.  That said Tim Tebow bothers me a little.  Why?  I think it is the seemingly insane devotion my husband possesses for him.  I don’t get it. The guy isn’t that good.

Good or bad, in the grand scheme of life it doesn’t really matter to me.  He’s not on my fantasy team so his performance isn’t relevant.  He doesn’t play for my team so I’m not biting my nails during his games.  He’s not really on my Sunday radar football wise but I do have to say I am impressed with his authenticity.  From what I’ve seen he’s a man of faith and he lives it.  He leads people in prayer.  He shares the Gospel.  He is someone who acts in accordance with his beliefs and that’s ok by me.

Just because I think he’s ok, doesn’t mean I think he’s awesome.  I’ve heard all kinds of positives and negatives.  Here’s what I think:

Do I believe he’s the next Jesus?  No.  I believe Jesus is the next Jesus.

Will I be jumping up and down on the sidelines professing my undying love for him because he’s a Christian?  No.  He’s not that good.

Will you see me quietly thinking he’s ok because he sucks but seems to pull through in the end?  Absolutely.

Love him or hate him, Tim Tebow is the ultimate example for us in our lives.  When we stink {really stink} we need to keep fighting. If we keep fighting things may turn around.  We might get two good drives for 36 fantasy points and life would be looking pretty good.

When life gets tough, think Tim Tebow.  For 90% of the game he’s mediocre but when he shines, he’s on top.  We all get our moment to shine.  You’ve just got to work hard to get there….

{This post is dedicated to my loving husband who requested a Tim Tebow post.  In return I request that you stop talking about him.}

9 responses to “Tim Tebow is?

  1. “Braodway” Joe Namath forever !

  2. Becky , this post cracked me up!!!

  3. My hatred of TIm Tebow has nothing to do with his religion or how good or bad he is, its that your husband used him to beat me in fantasy football.
    Maybe a little about how horrible a traditional quarterback he is.

    Also you know that your request for your husband to not talk about Tebow will be ignored. When Tebow scores next he will be dialing my number and giggling like a schoolgirl, especially if that happens against me in the fantasy playoffs.

    • Tim Tebow is many things to me: fantasy quarterback extraordinaire, the owner of the ugliest throwing motion ever, a Mack truck in space. It is absurdity and poetry at the same time.

      There was a reader email over at Grantland.com that describes the Tebow situation perfectly:

      I think Tim Tebow situation is a lot like the movie/Broadway show “The Producers”. Elway and Fox are the producers, Bialystock and Bloom. Tim Tebow is “Springtime for Hitler”. Elway and Fox think that if they put Tebow out there, he’s going to flop and make them look good and they’ll be able to draft a new QB. BUT, he’s winning even though he still sucks, so Elway and Fox are stuck with this clown until who knows when.
      — Scott T, Irvington, NY

  4. The Broncos are Trolling,
    guaranteed when Fox met with Ryan at the end of the thursday game he asked “umad?, umad bro?”

  5. I laughed when I read your post this morning! Then when I came here to comment, I got a good laugh at your other commenters! ; )

  6. FF is alive and well! The tie that binds the family together on Sunday? Not really, we have so much more – our love, our faith, good food, our enjoyment of time spent together. . . .but FF Sundays – the boys winning, the girls losing, Dad having fun regardless of the outcome, the phone calls, even incessant references to Tim Tebow . . . . great stuff!

  7. I have nothing to say about this. I am actually winning for a change! Good to play Andrew.

  8. Andrews team reminds me of Tim Tebows forward passes

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