More, more, more.

More is a dangerous concept.

We think we will be happier if we have more money.  We believe things would be better if we had more stuff.  We’re told if we were bigger, better, bolder that things would be incredible.  We just need more…

More is a dangerous concept.

I find more to be a dangerous concept.  I want more hits for the blog.  I want more bums in the pew.  I want more time with friends.  I want more selection in my wardrobe…

I want.  I want.  I want.

And what does all this wanting get me?  Nothing, really.  Wanting more really doesn’t change the situation.  It just leads to longing and anxiety over the fact that it’s not happening.  It leads to worry and frustration over how things aren’t working out as I might have planned.  It leads to all kinds of stress but very little progress.

When we are always looking for more, wanting things we can’t or shouldn’t have we miss out on what is real and in front of us.  Sure thousands of hits on my blog would be nice but I love my quiet, real blog.  I would love hundreds in the pew each week but then how many would I actually get to talk to?  How many scarfs can a girl actually work into her wardrobe?

Sometimes more isn’t more.  Sometimes more leads to stress, lack of connection and confusion.  Sometimes wanting more stops you from seeing what blessings you’ve been given.  I have so much to be thankful for.  What I have is more than enough.  I am richly blessed.


3 responses to “More, more, more.

  1. Yes, more can be dangerous. Have lot experience working with alcoholics and addicts. The prominent drug of choice is “more”

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Becky. I have been coveting ‘more’ recently, as I’m surrounded by colleagues who have all these ‘more’ things that I’d love. Jesus is more than enough for us; it’s amazing how often we forget it.

  3. This subject has been on my mind with Christmas approaching. How can I still make Christmas exciting & meaningful for the boys and not make it all about what they are getting. Of course we all love a gift. And, I can’t see doing away completely with gifts. But, the excess is what gets me.

    By the way, I especially love your advent ideas! Wonderful! My mom’s group even included a link to your advent list in our newsletter. So, you might be getting a few new visitors! 🙂

    Also, for me, I struggle with contentment in relation to my home. It’s small by American standards (especially for a family of 6), but why does this bother me? Why do I feel like I need more? Something bigger?

    This especially hit home for me again today when we were at church. It’s missions conference time and missionaries from all over the world were here this week to share what is happening in their nation.

    A pastor from India (a native Indian) was showing slides from the area where he works. One in particular caught my attention. It was of the inside of a hut with a dirt floor. It was small & shared by a large family. When it was time to sleep thin mats were rolled out on the dirt floor.

    That image of the thin sleeping mats on a dirt floor has stuck in my mind. In relation, my bed is like sleeping on a cloud. How can I ask God for me (material stuff) when He has already given me so much? Where is my gratitude?

    Instead, I want to be asking God for more of Him, more of His presence.

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