Random Thought Thursday: November 17th Edition

  1. Today is my brother’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Paul!!!!!!!
  2. My favorite thing right now is a Soy Chai Latte.  If you want me to do anything just ask and offer a latte.
  3. My son loves gymnastics.  He can walk a balance beam (with a little assistance) and hang from the bars independently (with a spotter of course).  I’m pretty sure at two I was not doing these things.  I lack athletic prowess.
  4. I have two weeks off from preaching.  This will allow me to get caught up on school work, deal with some organization issues at home, work towards having a theme for Advent/Christmas, try some new recipes,  and dance around the house to Christmas Carols.
  5. Having cold feet is the worst kind of cold.  I came home from a meeting last night frozen from the feet up.  My winter boots are now out of the closet!

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