It may not change the world….

Yesterday we spent all day with this…

We took it to the library.  We took it to the store.  He napped with it.  He ate with it. He drove it all over the house with it’s partner (the cement truck).   He loved his cars and he hated his cars.  He played with them, yelled at them and then played with them again.  His passion for the imaginary world these cars live in is incredible.

{Here he is getting angry at the cement truck.  Apparently it did something to bother him during snack.}   

As I watched him play yesterday I was struck by how freely he lives.  His anger is felt, then released.  His joy is expressed and lived.  His laughter is loud, bold and beautiful.  If we could live like this, free to feel and move on, how much different would the world be?  Too often we hold onto pain and anger allowing it to injure us each time we conjure that particular memory.   Too often we fail to experience life in it’s fullness because we’re worried about what is coming next.

Today I choose to live like my son.  I’ll let anger go and experience joy in it’s fullness.  I plan to laugh in a big way.  I won’t worry. It may not change the world but it will change my world and it’s a good first step.



3 responses to “It may not change the world….

  1. Beautiful! I love reading your blog, Becky!

  2. So what kind of truck will you play with? May I suggest a fire engine? Fire engines are neat. But don’t let anyone see you. They will take you to that place with the pretty gardens and bars on the windows. So I make sure I have maximum privacy when I play with my airplanes. No let me tell you about airplanes……

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