Random Thought Thursday: November 10th Edition

  1. I had the world’s biggest cooking disaster last night.  Dinner wound up in a pile on top of the stove and we called our local Chinese food restaurant. Moral of the story:  Trust your gut.  When you get a feeling that something isn’t quite right, it usually isn’t. 
  2. I have a lot to do over the next few days and I just want to curl up on the couch in front of my fireplace with a cup of hot cider.  Hibernation sounds lovely right now. 
  3. I renewed my membership at the gym as I need to go to yoga.  I must have a specific time set aside to reflect and meditate (beyond work) and with how busy I have been I’ve been letting that slide.  I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. 
  4. The weekend is right around the corner and I’m hoping to get some delicious soups and stocks made for the freezer.  It will all depend on how much work I get done before hand. 
  5. I am super annoyed at the crazy font troubles I am having with Word Press.  Sorry about that.  I hope it is fixed soon!  

2 responses to “Random Thought Thursday: November 10th Edition

  1. I joined the gym. Six weeks ago. I have not lost an ounce. Today I am going to look on the map and find out where it is located and go over there
    and cuss them out. The ad said I would lose weight if I joined the gym. I want my money back.

    PS I have had title font trouble with wp from the beginning in the post title slot. For example I type : The Clowns by Carl D’agostino. It eliminates the spacing and makes it all caps to read: The Clowns By Carl D’Agostino.

  2. I had a cooking disaster the other night too. Mine involved an attempt at chicken curry and basmati rice. I can not cook rice for anything. We ended up with a mushy mess with very little flavor. My husband soldiered through and ate it though. My boys? Not so much.

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