It’s Christmas Time in the City.

Christmas has arrived in my city.  On Saturday I ran into the mall to do some quick errands and was hit with a wave of Christmas music.  There were decorations everywhere.  Signs telling me to buy early and relax later.   I kind of expect it at the mall so I didn’t think too much of it.

Fast forward to yesterday.  My son and I were out and had decided to meet my husband for lunch at our favorite coffee shop.  The people there are friendly and they make the tastiest hummus wrap and to be honest we go there much to often. Imagine my surprise when I walked in this morning, a mere three days after I had last been there and found this…

A giant Christmas display.  In the corner was a tree with tons of presents.  There was Christmas coffee brewing and peppermint shots to add to lattes.  It was as if a Christmas bomb had exploded on the premises.   A little unnerving.

All this Christmas has got me to thinking.  I’d love to do another Advent Project, similar to the one we did last year and I have less than a month to get it organized.  Over the next week I’ll get cracking.  I’ve already got Christmas music infiltrating my play list and I believe that in the not so distant future a few decorations may find their way into my home.   I love this season and all the hope and promise it brings.  It does seem to get early and early each year though…


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