Random Thought Thursday: November 3rd Edition

  1. Crisp air + Red Leaves + Mulled Cider = happy days.
  2. I’ve made a minor comeback in my fantasy football league.  I’m now in fourth.  I’m a little nervous about how it will all play out but I think if I can make a respectable showing I won’t be terribly disappointed.  It’s a stupid game…I shouldn’t get so caught up in it.
  3. This week I made some delicious fat free (whole wheat!) chocolate chip cookies.  I will be attempting to replicate them and if they turn out as well I will definitely post the recipe!
  4. My husband is addicted to Zombie Cafe.  It’s a problem.  If you haven’t yet experienced Zombie Cafe it’s basically Farmville with zombies
  5. It’s Movember.  My husband has said there is no way he could grow a mustache.  He doesn’t think he’s physically capable.  I am inclined to agree but I wonder what it would look like if he tried.  I don’t think I want to know.


4 responses to “Random Thought Thursday: November 3rd Edition

  1. Mmm, mulled cider. Think I’ll have to follow suit.

  2. It is silly how caught up we get in it! But I still look forward to the time every year! Congrats on your comeback! : )

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