Random Thought Thursday: October 20th Edition

1: This week we have been battling illness in our home. X got it first and even with constant hand washing, I succumbed. It’s been a busy week with tending to sickness, doing school work and preparing for Sunday. As a result I’ve fallen behind in emails and phone calls so if you’re expecting anything from me I apologize! I’ll work my way through once I am feeling a bit better.

2: There is nothing cozier than a pot of tea. I’ve been enjoying quite a selection from David’s Tea and it has been quite wonderful for this sick girl. I highly recommend Movie Night and Green Seduction. I was introduced to the store by a friend who gave me some and now I am hooked.

3: While I may need some tea, X needs George. The poor little guy is happy only when carrying his George blanket, watching George on tv or reading about George in a book. We’ve had a lot of George around here in the last few days. I knew he was starting to feel a little better yesterday when his train set was appealing again.

4: I’ve really enjoyed being back in class. The benefit of online learning is that I can pause the lectures if I need to get up and stretch. I wish there had been a pause mechanism in all my classes.

5: My husband never gets sick. I wonder if it’s because he’s developed some super crazy immune system due to his job. He’s so lucky…


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