5 thoughts about our new lifestyle…

  1. My husband discovered the China Study while away on vacation this year.  This lead to research and ultimately my husband and I made decision to live on a whole foods plant based diet.  It was a difficult Thanksgiving as I didn’t eat turkey but I did survive and my mom was wonderful enough to make a delicious mushroom dish for us.
  2. Because of my husband’s discovery (and further research since) I decided to take the Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition.  I’m hoping it helps me keep up with everything my husband is reading!
  3. The strange thing about this is that about 3 weeks before my husband discovered the China Study, I thought we should do a Daniel Fast as a family.  Now we are living the Daniel fast.  Too funny.
  4. Speaking of the Daniel Fast, for those of you living near me, I am running a Daniel Fast study in January to detox the body and the spirit.   If you’d like in (or even more information) contact me and I’ll give you the details.  I’ve already got a couple on board and am looking forward to the study.  It’ll be a time of reflection and purposeful action in faith.  Plus you’ll have fun, I guarantee it!
  5. To get a taste of what we are eating right now I highly recommend trying the Maple Kissed Pumpkin muffins from Happy Herbivore. I made them this morning and they are delicious!

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