Random Thought Thursday: October 6th edition

  1. I totally forgot it was Thursday until my Grandmother told me to blog about my misadventures with her at the grocery store.  If you happened to be in the parking lot of the Superstore closest to my house this morning and saw a girl sticking out from under her car, that was me.  Needless to say we had a day.  Lots of fun though.
  2. It’s Thanksgiving!  I’m very excited to get together with family and friends to celebrate our many blessings.  Fall is my favorite time of year and Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.
  3. New people moved in to the house beside ours a month ago.  I still have not met them.  They never leave their house.   I find it strangely compelling.  Who are they?
  4. Pineapples are on sale this week.  I bought two.  Seriously love pineapples.
  5. I’ve had way too much caffeine today….

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