Last call….

I’m getting tired.  The negativity around me in the Church setting is eating at my core.  I’m over it people.   It’s time to move on and find a better way, a positive way.  Perhaps we need to find the Jesus way.  I’d like to thank everyone who has submitted unsolicited advice on my future career options but I’m not ready to leave.  I guess I’m the type of girl who will go down with the ship.

I’m tired of the chaos.  I’m tired of the anger.  I’m tired of the people fighting, and crying and lamenting.  I want to pull a Moses and go climb up a mountain to get away from all the complaints.   Change is happening.  Not because I want it, or you want it.  It’s not because ‘Jane’ decided we should go this way or ‘George’ thought we should go that way.  Change is happening because God wants change.  We aren’t doing what we should be doing.  We’re being pushed in the direction God wants us to go.

Life is all about change.  We are born into change.  We are change.   When will we accept that nothing stays the same forever?

This week I came across a song from the 1990’s called Closing Time by the band Semisonic.  There is a verse in the middle of the song that really speaks to the change we are experiencing, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”.  We are experiencing the end.  We are living the end of what we know.  But it doesn’t have to be a permanent end.  It could be the beginning of something.  It could be great if we make the choice to follow God’s will and work towards something better.

It might be last call for us now but as we all know bars reopen the next day and we can too.  We could experience renewal and growth but we have to be open to the movement of the spirit.  Digging our heals in, refusing to change and wallowing in negativity is getting us nowhere.  It’s time to change.  We must change.

It’s last call.  Everyone knows the night gets more interesting after the bar shuts down…


4 responses to “Last call….

  1. Becky, it sounds like you are going through some challenging times. As you say, change is a hard thing. In my experience though, it almost always leads to something better. I hope that you feel supported throughout whatever changes are happening in your life and church, and that the positive changes you hope and pray for come soon. Praying for you!

  2. There are many ways to express and emulate the Gospel in the secular world. Faith based organizations. Free from the petty politics of the local church congregation.

  3. Becky, you are right on here — and I share your sentiments. God has some amazing things to do yet…and like you, I’m not giving up…but going on where I believe Holy Spirit is leading. May our paths cross soon!
    And may we never forget or relent – this is His Church…and we need to let go of stuff and learn to do two things withg passion: Love God and love others!

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