My Fantasy Football Team

After a false start, my fantasy football team was born last night after a night of knuckle biting agony.   In this game it’s impossible to get everyone you want, but I think what I got was fairly decent.   I don’t hate them (yet) but I am definitely looking at making some changes on the defensive side.  Here they are:

Tom Brady
Peyton Manning
Jason Campbell

Wide Receiver:
Wes Welker
Chad Ochocinco
Davone Bess
Pierre Garcon
Braylon Edwards
Donald Driver

Running Back:
Le Sean McCoy
LeGarrette Blount
Pierre Thomas
Joseph Addai
Justin Forsett
Marion Barber

Tight End:
Rob Gronkowski
Lance Kendricks

Paul Posluszny
Chad Greenway
Keith Brooking
Brandon Flowers
Rashean Mathis
Michael Adams
Ron Bartell
Alphonso Smith


One response to “My Fantasy Football Team

  1. I would say you’ve don’t have too bad of a team! Pierre Garcon and Rob Gronkowski should have a pretty good year this year–assuming no injuries of course. Last year I was really excited to get Dallas Clark, and do you remember what happened to him?! It was awful.

    Le Sean McCoy should do really well for you too.

    We don’t get to pick defensive players. We pick a particular team’s defense. Last year I think I had Chicago.

    Anyway, have fun! Thursday night it all begins! : )

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