His hand.

My son was only a few days old when this was taken.  He was so tiny and strapped to machines.  Just days after birth he’d had his belly cut open and his insides rearranged.  A new diaphragm was made.  He was tired and sore but he was strong.  As we sat beside him, he held our hands.  Even when he could barely keep his eyes open, his hand would clasp ours, never letting go.

I know some would say it’s a reflex, something all kids do, but I say he held our hands.

On days like today, when he grabs my finger in exactly the same way and drags me to his toys so we can play, I pause and think of those first moments.  As he holds my hand I think of how different things are now and how much things have changed.  He’s his own person with ideas.  He’s thoughtful and funny, inquisitive and stubborn.  There’s so much he brings to our lives.  I’m grateful we are able to watch him grow.


3 responses to “His hand.

  1. We also had an emergency situation at birth, although no where NEAR as terrifying as your ordeal must have been. I remember those day of sitting in the NICU and just wishing it could be over and you could finally hold your child.

    Definitely puts perspective on our days together and the joy we feel in having her in our lives. Happy almost 2nd birthday, X!

    • I don’t think any one NICU scenario is worse than another. They are all terrifying and hard to live through. I’m so glad your little one is okay. She sounds adorable from your posts on Facebook!!!!!

  2. Hey,
    you posted this while I was out of the country and I just got a chance to read it. It brought tears to my eyes 🙂 bless you and hubby and X 🙂 xoxo love laurel and scott

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