Perhaps you may have wondered why my tag line is “Life, love, faith and Football”.  Well wonder no longer.  With football season fast approaching I felt I should perhaps enlighten you.  Football is an obsession around here.  We plan our weekends around important games.  Laptops, computers, iPads and more are set up around the house to track stats and plays.   We feed, entertain and yell at the t.v. while games are on.  I miss my Sunday naps to watch my beloved Patriots play.  Its serious stuff around here.

After many sleepless nights I (along with others I am sure) breathed a sigh of relief when the labour negotiations finally settled.  I’m a bit of a football nut and it’s all my husbands fault.  Since we got married he’s dragged me into this mess.  He watched, got me interested, invited me into a fantasy league and now I’m part of the problem.   There is madness in our house from September to February but I have to say it brings with it a lot of fun.

Our fantasy draft is scheduled for next Thursday.  I know how it will go.  Players I need will be stolen from me. I will be forced to pick up players I hate.  My lists and strategy will go straight out the window as each of us fights for the best team. It should be a good time!

As I prepare for the draft and think about my ideal team I’ve been forced to deal with the fact that ‘Ochocinco’ is now on my team.   All I can say is it’s going to be an interesting season.


7 responses to “Football…

  1. As I was reading this, I was thinking, “I wonder what Becky thinks of Ochocinco….”. Make sure you get your popcorn out…

  2. Yeah, I had him on my fantasy team last year–for part of the season, until I dropped him because I was annoyed at his inconsistency. : /

    I’m in a league with mostly family members, and our draft is the 6th. Last year I was so ready! I even had the Sports Illustrated special fantasy edition that I read through, knew who I wanted, and just like you got most of them stolen from me and ended up with guys I really didn’t want. But, it was so much fun! My sister won it all last time, so we’re already talkin’ smack about her losing bad this year! : )

    I even talked my husband into joining our league this year! I’m so ready for things to get started. Patriots, huh? Would it pain you to know that I always root for the Colts–we do live in Indiana, you know! ; )

    • I had him on my team a few years back and he was horrible. I don’t see this ending well. Our league is mostly family as well! We have also have some great friends involved so it’s always fun. Your husband will love it! I understand your reasons for rooting for the Colts. 🙂 I hope Peyton recovers in time to start! I rather enjoy a good rivalry and hope that it’s a great season!

  3. I was quite happy with my Dancing “Ochocinco” on my team last year- he came through when others wouldn’t- considering the crazy Fantasy League of Yahoo had it out for me!

  4. Perhaps…..thinking about it.

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