Random Thought Thursday {on Friday}

1: Curious George has taken over my life. My son adores that little monkey. There are worse things I suppose.

2: My new favorite pizza is a cheese-free veggie pizza on a multigrain crust. Give it a whirl sometime and see if you like it. You might think cheese is necessary (as I once did), but pizza without cheese has it’s own charm.

3: This Sunday is my last working Sunday for almost two months! I took a big break to rejuvenate and enjoy a little down time. I do look forward to the break but am already looking for a new project!

4: We have continued on our meat-free journey to support famine relief. We’ve enjoyed delightful dinners of fresh corn, ripe tomatoes, juicy peaches, hearty squash, delicious bean dishes and loads of whole grains. Looking at how much we relied on meat to make a meal has been eye opening and we are finding new, delicious alternatives. Hopefully our food system is forced into change in the future. When I read the stories of the famine my heart breaks and I am glad we’ve decided to do something to help, even if it is only a little in the grand scheme of things.

5: My organization whirlwind stalled this week. I look forward to getting a few more things done this weekend. There are few things more satisfying than seeing a completed project.


2 responses to “Random Thought Thursday {on Friday}

  1. I hope you can find a fun project to work on over the next couple of months!

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