In which I admit I watch South Park {but it’s not what you think}

I should be ashamed to admit that I’ve watched South Park, but I’m not.   I’m not proud of it but let’s face it, I am who I am and really that’s all we should ever be.   Before you get alarmed, I’m not a devout watcher but I have been known to sit down and watch an episode with my husband and brother.

In the South Park Movie there is a scene where the boys are trying to rally the troops so they put together a poster and Cartman determines they should say there will be punch and pie at the meeting because more people will come.  Sure enough it works, people love punch and pie.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept “punch and pie”.   People do really like to gather in each others homes and eat.  We plan parties around food. We invite people for dinner or appetizers.   There always has to be something there for people to eat.  We need to feed them.  It’s hardwired into our make up.

We speak in the Church about the Bible being the word of God that ‘feeds’ us.  It is what nourishes us.  We are to gain strength and stamina from listening and understanding the text.  I believe these things to be true but we seem to be having a really hard time getting people to take a bite.  No one wants to try it.  It’s like that cold pig in a blanket that’s left behind at the end of the night, outdated and overlooked.

Maybe it’s time for us to dress things up a little.  Learn how to throw a party. Find a way to make Church and the word of God interesting for people who just aren’t interested right now.  Perhaps if we had Church on Saturday nights in a relaxed environment with a pot luck to follow.  Maybe we could hold Bible Studies in each others homes and open ourselves up to the gift of hospitality and grace.  Perhaps we need to rethink how we meet so that why we meet doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

My husband and I have been thinking a lot about this.  We’d love a relaxed service on Saturday night.  We’d love couches and chairs that are comfy.  We’d love a large table to eat around and people to worship with who really want to discuss faith in action.  We’d love to see a living, breathing Church that is willing to feed the hungry (in both word and food).  We want change.  We dream.

Perhaps our dreams aren’t the way.  Maybe there’s a better way, a different way that you know of.  What dreams do you have for the Church?  Where do you see it’s future?  Does it involve punch and pie or is it completely different?  I’d love to know…


4 responses to “In which I admit I watch South Park {but it’s not what you think}

  1. Great thoughts Becky!
    My husband and I have, this past year, talked a lot about what “church” is and isn’t and what we envision it to really be. After leaving full-time “church” ministry, we’ve had lots of things to talk about and time to kick around ideas. You know, just in case God ever decides to have us plant a new one. : )

  2. That “Holy Supper” concept is quite an effective way to bring harmony to the secular world too. That special luncheon where all levels and positions are leveled around the lunch table. Boss and employee, secretary and mechanic. After we have sat for lunch and meeting next to an unknown fellow employee that person is no longer just somebody we pass by each day. We laugh, we joke, we show photos of our children and learn about a death in someone’s family or that someone’s child won the scholarship. The “meal” is communion. Secular communion and people never realize it.

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