The Return of Random Thought Thursday

1: I should go on vacation more often. Since my return I have organized my pantry, cupboard, the back room, my bathroom and the list could continue. Everything is neat and tidy. There are bags set aside to go to the donation box and I am on the hunt to find the next project. I have far too much energy

2: If I am honest, I think some of that energy may have come from our switch to a meat free diet. As we are looking for new ways too cook food and are trying to make sure we have enough to eat, I have relied heavily on vegetables to fill the gap. I eat salad twice a day. We have beans, fresh produce and start each day off with a steaming bowl of oatmeal. It’s quite healthy and I think it’s doing me some good.

3: While we may be eating healthfully, do not despair if you happen to love dessert. My Dad’s birthday is on Saturday and he has asked me to make my vanilla cupcakes. Shall be sure to enjoy them and will take a picture to share on the blog. They are very delicious and a treat every once and a while never hurts.

4: My husband reminded me the other day that I haven’t finished Mere Christianity. This happens to me far more than it should. I get very involved in a book and then start to think about one point I’ve read and I forget to dive back in and finish it. I have dug the book out of my pile and I will finish!

5: Getting back into the swing of things with blogging after vacation hasn’t been easy but I am glad to be back. Thanks for joining me on the journey.


One response to “The Return of Random Thought Thursday

  1. I just LOVE vanilla cupcakes. I make my vanilla cupcakes with chocolate cake, chocolate pudding in the middle, a generous toss of chocolate chips. Chocolate frosting of course served on a brown edible chocolate plate. Everyone says I make the best vanilla cupcakes in the whole state of Florida. I will try my hand at strawberry ones next week.

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