I know nothing about famine.  I am not hungry.  I do not wonder where my next food is coming from.  I have a full fridge, a stocked pantry and a grocery store around the corner.  My family gathers around the table throughout the day to connect and share in the abundance we’ve been provided.  I pour through magazines reading recipes and I watch the Food Network as I search for ways to perfect my technique and dream of creating something new.  I have no concept of famine.

I would imagine a mother in Eastern Africa might think about food as much as I do, if not more.  Her thoughts however would not be so light and fanciful.  Her thoughts might drift in desperation and despair as she walks with her children desperate to reach relief before one of them perishes.  She might be forced into making a choice to leave one child behind as she attempts to save the others. She suffers pain and anguish. Food cannot be found.  She clings to the hope that there will be relief if they make it to a centre.

I have been thinking about this a lot over the last week.  The more I’ve read, the more I have felt I needed to do something.   I decided (and my husband agreed) that we should give up our meat budget for the month and donate the money to the people struggling in East Africa.  This decision came as a result of many factors.  While I was away I read a lot.  I read about the production of food in North America.  I read about the use of corn in the production of meat.  I discovered how little of it actually goes to food for people, and how many resources we waste while growing our animals.  How our conventional practices are hurting our bodies and hurting others. I think it’s time for us (as a people) to waste less so we can give more.

We need to help the people in East Africa.  It is our hope that by adopting a plant based diet for the next month that we will be able to help those in need.   We will be donating our funds through Presbyterian World Service and Development as they are currently working to provide aid and relief to those in greatest need.  I would encourage you to join us.  If you can, give up something in your life this month.  Perhaps you can live without your daily coffee.  Maybe you could skip meals out with the family or friends.  In doing these things we can help the people of East Africa.   Anything we can contribute will make a difference in the lives of these people.

{If you would like to donate towards East African Relief you can do so here online at Presbyterian World Service and Development and mark it “East Africa Relief” when it asks how you wish your donation to be used.  All donations received before September 16th will be matched by the Canadian Government.}




5 responses to “Famine.

  1. Laurel Liddicoat

    Thank you Becky,
    This was very insightful and thought provoking. I am going to think of what I will do personally tonight. 🙂 prayers

  2. Despite our good intentions it is apparent that very little of the food gets into the hands of those who need it. Much is confiscated by corrupt governments and the competing armies in these civil wars seem to be the only ones well fed. I hope my fellow Presbyterians are successful in their attempts.

    • The people working in Eastern Africa for PWS&D are doing as much as they can to help people and that gives me hope. As I read about their journeys on the PCC web page I am moved by the difference they have made already. While I know there will always be difficult situations and corruption that we face when we do try to provide aid, if we stop attempting the corrupt win and no one is helped. Hopefully the PCC is able to give help where it is most needed and I am pleased to see they are doing everything they can to fight for the people who need it most.

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