I’m going through transition in my life right now.  For the last 8 months or so I’ve been filling in on a fairly regular basis at a Church here in town. Throughout that time I’ve grown fond of the people there and my husband and son have become quite comfortable.   As comfortable as I am, I cannot stay (as much as I might like to) and that’s difficult.  Looking at my life right now I cannot take on the responsibility of a full time charge alone.  It wouldn’t be fair to them or to my family.

I’ve been off official work for a while now. Being a full time Mom is wonderful but working is something I love as well.  I feel like I need to be doing a little more and I haven’t found that perfect fit yet.  I require flexibility and I desire to serve.  I know I am called to do something, yet I’m not sure what that is.  I stay busy with my writing and taking care of Xavier but I think I need another project,  something to distract me and keep my mind going.   It’s time for me to move into something a little different and I’m sure with time that something will be revealed.

For now I’m open to suggestions.  I guess I will just keep reading and thinking.   The journey so far has been an interesting ride and I would bet that what’s to come will be filled with excitement, wonder and a great deal of surprise.



2 responses to “Transition

  1. When I was 22 in last year of college(the Puritans had just arrived up in Massachusetts Bay) a pastor with whom I was taking a class asked me to take the pulpit of his church for 2 weeks while he attended conference.I wonder how my life would be now if I accepted. Last time, except for classes, I got that close to a church.

    • Isn’t it interesting to think of how life could be different for us if we’d just made different decisions. Not better or worse of course, just different. It’s fascinating to think that the little things in life that we decided to do or not do often control our destiny. 🙂

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