Random Thought Thursday: July 7th

  1. Lots of stuff has been happening here! I’ve been struggling to find a balance between Mr. Potato Head, walks to the park, writing my sermons, surviving early morning gym sessions and finding a little quiet.  That has really eaten my time.  The blog has suffered.  I’m working on finding a little balance and promise there will be some new material soon!
  2. The market is an amazing place right now.  The vegetables and fruit are full of flavor and color.  People are happy and the world seems brighter when faced with a delicious cherry just picked from the tree.
  3. So You Think You Can Dance has taken the place of The Voice in my life.  I really like watching the routines and am amazed at what they can do.
  4. I’m growing a basket of strawberries in the yard.  They are almost red.  It’s the most incredible thing to watch them grow and blossom into edible treats.
  5. I sometimes forget Celine Dion still sings.


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