The Mid-Summer Project Starts Today!!!

The summer moves so quickly.  It seems as if I spend all year waiting for these glorious hot summer days and then before I know it it’s gone.  This year I intend to savor and enjoy this season by embarking on the Mid-Summer Project with my family.

If you’d like to join with us, it’s quite simple.  When you click on the link to the project you’ll find a months worth of activities for you and your family to enjoy. There is absolutely no pressure to complete them all (as it’s summer, of course!) but they are there as a guide, a reminder of sorts.  We need to make our time together a priority.  It’s important that we spend quality time with family and friends as much as possible.

Join us through this month as we journey through the summer.  Take time to cherish your loved ones.  Make time each day to connect with God.  Get out there and re-discover your favorite summer time treat.  Nap often.  Enjoy some downtime.  Each day is a blessing that we should enjoy! Embrace this as a time of restoration in both body and relationship.  Enjoy your summer!

2 responses to “The Mid-Summer Project Starts Today!!!

  1. In Miami, summer through late September is just so depleting with the heat and humidity. 4th of July picnic – no way. Inside with AC or you’d die out there.

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