Random Thought Thursday: June 23rd

  1. Herbes de Provence is my new favorite thing.  Perfect for dressing up simple summer dishes! 
  2. I went golfing for the first time in two years on Tuesday.  It was painful in more ways than I can possibly express here.  It was not a pretty scene.
  3. This week was intense on the Voice.  Two shows and a thunderstorm that almost prevented me from seeing the result!   I’m grateful it passed just in time.  
  4. X. graduated from Gym Tots on Wednesday.  It was so cute.  He got a certificate and everything. It’s been so much fun watching him learn new ways to injure himself as I run around after him trying to prevent it.  We have the summer off and then we will begin again in the fall.  
  5. I only have 5 more Sunday’s booked for supply.  After that I’ll have to find something to do to occupy my time.   Any suggestions? 

2 responses to “Random Thought Thursday: June 23rd

  1. re #5 call me, we’ll talk.

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