Random Thought Thursday: June 16th

  1. The Voice gets better each week!   If you haven’t caught it yet, do so. 
  2. I have a secret shame.  I watch Keeping up with the Kardashians.  I shouldn’t.  I know it’s terrible television and is likely killing all my brain cells but I just can’t stop watching. 
  3. Getting through Mere Christianity is taking a little longer than I expected because I read a segment and then reflect theologically.  It’s a little like attending a class at seminary.  It’s great.  I’m really enjoying it.  I might never finish it at this rate but I’m glad I’m working through it. 
  4. Vancouver lost.  I might be the only Canadian who didn’t really care about the outcome of the Stanley Cup finals.  I’m looking forward to Football season and the inevitable heartbreak my fantasy football team will bring.
  5. I must go to Hawaii.  Watching the Hawaiian episode of No Reservations has confirmed what I always knew.  I must head there one day. 

2 responses to “Random Thought Thursday: June 16th

  1. I was just thinking about fantasy football last night! I’m ready for football season again too! I’ve never been to Hawaii, but I would love to go too.

    Happy Thursday to you! Oh, and I am now on WordPress!

    • It’s so exciting your on WordPress! Your site looks fantastic and I have to say I love the platform. I’m looking to make the ‘big’ move to self hosted soon. I’m a little scared but I think it will be good.
      So glad you’re into Fantasy Football too!

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