Pentecost Musings

I’ve been preparing for Pentecost this week.  {That’s a good thing as it is Pentecost this week.}  As I’ve been reading Acts I was struck by the passion and belief the Apostles show.  They were together.  Waiting.  Just like Jesus asked.  Then it happened.  The Holy Spirit arrived.  A sound like a strong wind burst into the room.  It filled them.  They started speaking in different languages.  They moved out into the street.  No one believed them but they stood firm.  Peter spoke to the people.  There was a fire in him.  He needed to share the Gospel.  He had to get the message across.  He was completely moved by they experience they all shared.  That day around 3000 believed him.  They were baptized.  They changed their lives.  They felt the passion.  They felt the spirit.  It would have been an incredible moment.

I wonder how we would react if this occurred today.  Would we have the passionate response the Apostles did or would we analyze it to death?  Would we would would respond instantly at the urging of God or would we refer the experience to a sub-committee who’s task would be to study and determine whether it was a ‘God’ experience and what the appropriate response would be if it was?  It seems sometimes that we have so many sub-committees working that it’s hard to get things done.

Have we’ve lost our sense of wonder? Are we a people of the rules instead of the Word?  Do we respond when God calls or do we hesitate?  It’s something I’m thinking about right now.

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