The Mid-Summer Project

I have been looking for a good activity for my family to participate in over the summer and my mind kept drifting back to the Advent Calendar from December. We had a lot of fun with that activity as it gave us things to look forward to and it forced us to keep the true meaning of the season in mind.

Too often I find the summer goes by quickly and I’m left wondering where it went.  I wanted something that would be purposeful and fun.  As a result of my musing I came up with a Mid-Summer project.  Like the Advent Project, each day brings a new activity for the family to participate in.   I’ve included these activities on The Mid-Summer Project Page and would love for others to join in the fun.

I hope the project will be one of renewal and growth.  I also want it to be fun!  I hope you enjoy it.


2 responses to “The Mid-Summer Project

  1. This is a great idea Becky! I think I’ll be using some of your summer ideas! We get into a rut sometimes and it’s nice to be inspired to do something different.

    • Thank you Lisa! I’m glad you are inspired and I hope you have fun with the activities you choose! We’re looking forward to something a little different this year. 🙂

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