Christian Rock Stars

The book of Acts is a fascinating account of the work of the Spirit in the world.  The modern church tends to see it as a book about early ministry and the success of Peter and Paul.  In the end Peter and Paul were successful because of the gift of the Spirit and it’s working in their lives.  We see Acts open with a message from Jesus.  He tells them to wait for the help he’s sending.  He lets them know the Spirit is coming and that when it does, they’ll be rock stars for the Christian faith.  They’ll be able to reach the world.  They just have to be patient.

The Apostles really were rock stars weren’t they?  They gave everything, some gave their lives, to see that the Gospel was shared.  It was absolutely Spirit driven.  They were never alone.  Never abandoned.  They always had God’s Spirit with them.  They were passionate followers of Christ with a hope for the future.  It’s amazing to see.  Where is this spirit today? Where is our passion?

In Churches today we tend to give people the credit instead of the spirit.  We try to plan our future.  We spend so much time trying to maintain, recruit and survive that we often miss the direction of the Spirit amid the fear and frustration we feel trying to hang in there.

We need to experience the Spirit again.  We need to feel that connection with the will of God.  We must be where God meets us, where God challenges us.  If we allow the Spirit to enter, we might be moved to minister in ways we never dreamed of.

This life requires courage.  It’s bold.  It’s different.  It’s out of the box.

Do we have the courage it takes?
Can we live like the leaders in Acts?
Will we embrace the Spirit?
Will we respond to it’s urgings?

The apostles did. They went for it. They lived it.
Now it’s our turn.


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