Random Thought Thursday: May 19

  1. I feel I may have missed my calling as a baker.  I love baking and creating in the kitchen.
  2. My husband told me that for every day I drink 6 glasses of cold water a day I will burn an additional 50 calories a day.   This means over the course of a year if I eat exactly the same way and drink more cold water I will be able to enjoy approximately 9 more desserts without having to exert any effort.   This is excellent news when you look at random thought one.
  3. I’m pleased that Boston Rob won survivor.  He played the perfect strategic game.  I wonder what he’s like in real life…
  4. It has rained every day for a few days now.  I’m growing weary of rain but am attempting to look at it in a positive way.  My grass is very green.  The colors in the garden pop compared to the colour of the sky.  Overall it’s an interesting effect.
  5. It’s the long weekend this weekend and I have the Sunday off!  I’m looking forward to a wonderful weekend with my boys.  Lots of fun things to do and I’m hopeful that the rain will let up so that we’ll be able to get outside for some of it!

2 responses to “Random Thought Thursday: May 19

  1. Hey, I voted for you… will u vote for me?



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