Random Thought Thursday: May 5th

  1. My farmer’s market is beginning to come to life again.  You can find greens, baby asparagus, and local raw honey.  Wandering through the stalls, talking with the farmers really gives you an appreciation for the work that goes into food.
  2. I’m currently taking a cake decorating course.  This required me to make some flat cookies to practice my designs on.  The cookies I made were amazing.  I started with a basic butter cookie recipe that left me with a terrible dough.  After some adjustments I wound up with the best cookies I’ve ever made.  Unfortunately I didn’t record what I did so I don’t know if I can repeat them.
  3. I’ve got “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green running on repeat in my head thanks to The Voice.  I’m really enjoying that show!  Much better than American Idol, which as I’ve said before I abandoned when Taylor Hicks won but anyways…
  4. As I’m not working I should have loads of ideas for posts and sermons and stuff… Nope.  Nothing.
  5. It’s a good thing I wasn’t invited to the Royal Wedding.  I look terrible wearing a hat.  Her dress was lovely though and the scones for breakfast were delicious.

One response to “Random Thought Thursday: May 5th

  1. I am excited about the farmers market and a cake decoration class I have always wanted to do!

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