A Weekend off

My Friday evenings are usually spent in deep edit mode.  I’d love to do it during the day like a normal person but I have X. to think of.  He needs attention and we need to play.  So I wait until my husband gets home and we’ve settled X. for the night.  As  I piece together my sermon, I tend to miss what Friday nights are supposed to be about (hint: relaxation).  This week was different.  I was on vacation.  It was glorious!  Here’s what I did:

  1. I watched Fringe without a computer on my lap and was able to dedicate one guilt free hour to it.  I love Fringe.
  2. I matched every last pair of socks in my house just in time for flip flops.
  3. I listened and smiled from the other room while my boys played with toys.
  4. I was able to read, relax and just lie in silence.  Beautiful!
  5. I watched this (found while reading and relaxing!) and laughed:
A quiet, relaxing night in.  While it wasn’t the Royal Wedding, it was a lovely affair. 

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