The madness is over…

The madness is over.  I no longer ‘have’ to write every day.  I survived the journey through Lent.  It was an interesting project but it didn’t go quite as I expected.  I have to say that writing on command is hard.  I found I had to prioritize.  Time with my family and preparation for the work I do on Sundays had to come first.   So the blog changed.  More recipes.  More frivolous posts and the occasional deep thoughts.

Along the way I discovered a few things about blogging and this new (for me) form of communication along the way.  I thought I would share a few of my thoughts about the craziness we lived for 47 days.

  1. I write for a living.  This doesn’t mean blogging I find it easy.  The feeling and movement of the text is unique.  It requires editing and should be concise.  This can be a hard transition for a preacher who’s used to elaborate descriptions meant to draw the listener in.
  2. Writing something of value does not just happen.  It requires time.  Energy is involved.  It’s very difficult to write constantly and it requires a great deal of planning and preparation.  Organization became a necessity while writing continuously.
  3. It’s a habit now.  Just last week I was looking forward to having a day off.  I haven’t taken one yet.  Writing is a habit.  I think of ideas and jot them down.  I have a time set aside in my schedule for writing.  It’s crazy!  I do intend to take a few days off in the coming weeks but it’s a routine now.
  4. In the future I will make sure any blog series I begin is manageable.  Had I committed to one post a week over Lent or every couple of days it might not have been so bad.  But when you’re planning for Sunday, managing the life of a tiny little man and finding very little time to write for pleasure it’s hard to balance everything.  Many late nights were spent piecing everything together.   Next time I’ll plan things a little better.
  5. In the end it was worth it.  I developed my blogging style and began to discover the things I like to write about.  I enjoy variety but will never stray far from my roots.  In the end I’ll always be me and let’s face it, I’m a mother, a minister and I’ve got a desire to see good things happen (in faith and in food!).

Next year for Lent I might do something a little easier, like give up chocolate or become a vegan.


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