Here’s the plan…

I survived Easter!  After a busy but wonderful weekend with friends and family I now have a bit of a break.   Honestly things weren’t perfect last week in terms of my goals for wellness.  I did get side tracked by some candy.  There was a large meal involved in the celebration.  And honestly due to work, I didn’t get enough sleep.

While the plan wasn’t executed with perfection it did help me a lot.  I was very focused on creating healthy meals for our family.  We had Cinnamon Maple Pork Tenderloin one night.  Tried a new, healthier salad dressing another.   I made a fresh batch of Granola to keep breakfast on track.   The fact that I was able to create healthy, wholesome dishes at a very busy time for us made me feel pretty good about things.   The plan was very helpful and kept me on track.

Because of this I’ve decided to do it again this week.  I’ve adjusted the plan to focus on some of my weakness from last week to try and improve a bit.

  1. Hydration will remain my number one priority.  I’m going to make iced tea (unsweetened) and keep it in the fridge for variety.  I do love water but sometimes I need to mix things up.
  2. I need to eat 5 times/day.  This is essential for me.  If I don’t plan my food, I eat whatever and that’s not good for me.  This will help to keep me on track.
  3. I need to write everything I am going to eat down.  Once I’ve committed to the plan, I follow through.  I have had great success in the past writing things down.
  4. Exercise was really lacking last week.  I need to be active and engaged with my body.  I cannot be too busy to take care of myself.  It’s too important to my health to ignore.
  5. I need sleep.  I keep staying up too late and getting up early.  This is not good for me.  I will focus on getting into a better routine.
How do you plan to stay focused throughout the week?

2 responses to “Here’s the plan…

  1. Sounds like you have a great plan! I need to remember to drink water, I’m terrible with hydration. I just don’t seem thirsty during the day. I also need to try to get to bed earlier. I think if we put the kids to bed earlier then I will feel like I have more time to myself at night and hopefully get to bed earlier!

    So glad you’re joining us over at Eat Pray Lose!

    • Hydration is so hard! I tend to forget water as I get busy.
      A little more time to myself at night would make it easier to get to bed! I’ve got so much to do before I can turn in. I need an extra hour in the day! 🙂

      I’m glad to be a part of Eat Pray Lose! It’s going to be great!

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