The tomb is empty…

Light stretches over the horizon.
In silence they walk together.
Feet wet with morning dew.
Bodies chilled with lack of sun. 
They come for vigil.
It was quiet.
Until it wasn’t. 

The earth shakes.
An angel appears.
Lightening flashes.
The tomb opens.
There is fear.
A message.
He is alive. 
The tomb is empty. 
He tells them to go.
Tell the others.
He’ll meet you in Galilee.
He is alive. 
They’re given a choice.
Belief or doubt.

The choose.
They run. 
Consumed with joy, they run.
Sweat pours.
Breath is heavy.
Determined they run.
They run hard. 
Right into him.
Right into Jesus.

Our Journey is complete: He is risen!
Happy Easter everyone.


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