It’s time for another round of random thoughts from Becky’s Couch

  1. I highly doubt I will ever again decide to write for more than 40 days straight.  It’s so hard to find something to write every single day.
  2. Still addicted to Vitamin Water Zero.  It’s delicious.
  3. Today while I was at the Bulk Barn I had a choice between cute bunny lollipop molds or strange crosses that looked like tombstones.  It’s not a good look for Jesus.
  4. I cannot believe that All My Children was cancelled.  I didn’t watch it but everyone knew who Erica Kane was.  What are all the soap actors going to do?
  5. This weekend I am debating between making a Cheesecake or a some homemade candy.  Which would you rather see pop up on the blog?
Thanks for stopping by!
A Journey through Lent: Day 38

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