Change is coming.

Yesterday my Dad lodged a formal complaint.  He’s bored with the blog.  He wants less food and more God.  The thing is food is easy, God is not. There’s a lot going on in my head.  There’s talk around here about the future of the Church. People are very worried and I’ve been musing about this myself.

In some ways I feel as though the Church is living on Saturday.  That day between death and the Resurrection. That day when no one knows what’s going on.  When the Disciples are hidden and unsure.  When the followers of Jesus are in mourning, unaware of the miracle they are about to experience. When life seems dark and no one expects the dawn to arrive.

We know the story of the empty tomb.  We know that Jesus is alive.  We have hope in the Resurrection and yet we live in fear.   We are afraid to embrace this hope because we know it will change us forever.  We see this in the Disciples, their lives were changed once they met Jesus.  The past was gone.  There was only the future to look forward to.  We need to live this way. We need to live on Sunday.  We need to live in hope.  And yet we are afraid.  What is it that we’re afraid of?

A journey through Lent: Day 36


3 responses to “Change is coming.

  1. I think the fear is exactly what you have already said: change. To live in Christ is to turn away from our old life and embrace the new walk with Him. “go and sin no more.” I think people think that once they start this walk, life will be easy. They will be able to resist those old temptations with ease, there will be no more worries, problems, trials. But that’s just not true of the Christian walk, because the more earnestly you seek God — the harder the enemy will also press in. He will throw anything in your path in attempt to convince us life was easier, thus happier, prior to choosing God. I think there is a reason Jesus said pick up your cross and follow me. He knew and understood that sometimes there would be heavy burdens as a result of choosing Him. We would suffer. Which is also why I believe He promised, I am with you always. We can walk in faith: being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see. But if we try to walk alone, we can lose our way. With Him as our guide, we are no longer the lost sheep.
    This world is full of lost sheep…. they aren’t lost because the Shepherd is absent, they are lost because they won’t follow the shepherd. And sadly, they don’t know the difference.

    • You’re right, we are afraid of change. Throughout the history of our faith we have seen change happen time and again but it’s always hard to be the people living in that change. It is a difficult decision to choose to truly follow God. We have to be willing to make difficult decisions and move in directions we might never choose for ourselves. It’s going to be tough but I believe we will survive.

  2. I like how you frame this on the question of Saturday vs Sunday. Sunday is all about active hope, isn’t it? Hope and praise and joy: these are all the good gifts of God. We step into Sabbath to live out our hope together. As Eugene Peterson puts it, the Sabbath is our day to pray together and to play together. And that’s a life-giving image of Christian community. I think that the way forward from this place of fear that you describe is to let our community sabbaths look more like celebration. Yes, there are definite burdens to our Christian life, but there are also great joys. God calls us into joy as well as into struggle. I think it is time to make the joy a little louder. Our world needs to hear that joy.

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