Over halfway there…

There are only 19 days until Easter.

I wonder what Jesus did 19 days before Easter?  Did he heal or teach?   Was he engaged with crowds or did he have little quiet time?  What would his day have been like?

Twenty days before Easter for me meant cleaning my fridge.  I’m not exactly a revolutionary!

At times I get caught up in the mundane aspects of life.  It’s hard to see the difference I make in the lives of those around me.  When you’re cleaning fridges it’s hard to know if you’re actually doing something worthwhile.  But Jesus’ life shows us that each moment has merit.  He taught in everyday situations.  No matter where he was, no matter what he was doing he was always looking for opportunities to teach and make a difference in the lives of those around him.  No moment was too mundane.  Each interaction had meaning.

Each moment in our lives is an opportunity to share the light of Christ with others. Every action you make has the power to affect someone’s day for the better. A moment spent in the company of another is time you have to love and serve as Jesus taught us.

So while cleaning my fridge is not a revolutionary act, it is an act of caring.  Those little acts of caring (like doing the laundry or cooking a favorite meal) are moments of ministry in our lives.  They bring a smile to people’s faces and help to spread joy. Those moments show people you genuinely care about them.  No moment is too mundane.  Each moment is an opportunity to serve.  Celebrate those moments, they have meaning.

I’m proud of my accomplishment today.  The fridge is clean and I feel good about that.  Thinking about it though I do think I need to broaden my horizons and find something slightly more interesting to do.

A Journey through Lent: Day 28


One response to “Over halfway there…

  1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my site and letting me know you were there!

    My husband, besides being an Army Chaplain, is a pastor. We left “church” ministry last June and have been seeking God’s direction for ministry since then. We know we are called to it, but what venue it will take remains to be seen!

    It was nice to meet you too!

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