I am the Mother of a Boy…

I am the Mother of a Boy.  By now I should know not to leave things lying around. I order my K-cups from an online company and an order recently arrived. I was thrilled they arrived and tucked my boxes away in my office to deal with at a later time, presumably when X. was in bed. I didn’t get to them fast enough.  X. found them.

First he emptied the boxes.

Then created a pile.

This led to stacking.

And then to discarding.
Which ultimately led to Momma cleaning up the mess.

I’ve learned not to leave K-cups around.  They’re much too much fun.

A Journey through Lent: Day 21


2 responses to “I am the Mother of a Boy…

  1. Ah yes. Mothers of boys unite. This is only the beginning you know. 🙂 Anyway, it looks like he had lots of fun. And just think of all the things he was learning – spatial relationships, hand/eye coordination, small motor dexterity, cause and effect.

    By the way, at first I didn’t know what K cup was. But, after seeing your pictures I figured it out. Also, I have to tell you that your post on fresh bruschetta has my mouth watering! I am so hankering for some fresh, yummy tomatoes.

    • He was learning lots of things wasn’t he. Good way of looking at it!

      The bruschetta was delicious. We are so lucky to have greenhouses near by that grow them out of season. Mmmmmm. I’m really looking forward to my attempts to grow some this summer. There is nothing like a fresh, juicy, ripe tomato!

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