Mad Men Money Madness

One of my favorite shows on T.V. right now is Mad Men.  I’ll grant you that I write a lot about T.V. but I’m a new-ish Mom who doesn’t get out much as she’s got a baby who needs to be in bed at 7.  I don’t watch T.V. during the day.  I just a little at night to decompress with the husband.

Apparently there is drama happening behind the scenes of this ‘drama’.   They’re fighting over money.  After months of negotiation over who gets what, no one gets anything.  Both sides want more money.  No one can agree on anything.  It’s safe to say that I will be waiting for close to a year to see Joan Holloway once again. Wouldn’t you think that if they both want more money it would make sense to produce the show that makes the money they are fighting over? In the end we might not see Mad Men again if they can’t come together.

This fight kind of reminds me of what’s happening in our Churches right now. We all dig our heals in and stand determined in our position. None of us want to give. We all want to keep what’s comfortable to us. We want to have our buildings, our programs and our history. We can’t see how coming together might solve some of our problems and help keep things going.

If we don’t move past this stalemate we’re in, we may not survive.
Is it worth taking down the whole ship for our comfort?
Does what we want matter more than the message?

We need to do some serious thinking about how we approach things and why we’re doing what we’re doing.  If we’re going to move ahead, we need to move.  We have to be willing to change.   We have to be willing to come together.

Will we do that?
Will we be able to come together?

A Journey through Lent: Day 18


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