10 Random Thoughts from the Couch

I’m sick.  It’s no fun.  Usually I just wouldn’t blog.  As I’m in the middle of my Lent commitment to post daily I can’t skip.  There is a problem with this.  My brain is fuzzy and I’ve tried to write something that makes sense but that didn’t happen. This doesn’t bode well for Sunday!  Just so you understand how crazy things are in my head, here’s what happened in my brain as I sat watching an episode of The Biggest Loser last night:

  1. After chapter one of Love Wins I’m delighted to find out that I am not the only Pastor who writes in a speaking style.  This gives me hope. Someday I too could get a book published.
  2. If I wanted to publish a book I’d actually have to write something and say something that people would want to read.  That might prove difficult.  Plus I’m not sure I’d like to be in the spotlight.  Too much pressure.  I’d rather just exist here in my world, doing my thing.
  3. Every mother of a toddler should know Bear Grylls Rule of 3.   You can survive 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food.  When X. goes on a food strike I will try to worry less.  He is usually a good eater and as long as I can get some food in I know he will survive.   There’s no way he would ever go 3 weeks without food.
  4. Vitamin Water Zero is my new favorite thing.
  5. I’m really going to miss Fringe if it’s cancelled.
  6. Jillian Michaels house is in an amazing location.  Seriously want to live on the beach in Malibu.  That might require that I become a millionaire and I can’t see that happening for a while (or ever really).
  7. I think Charlie Sheen is overrated.  I don’t understand the allure. He lives with multiple women. He says what he wants. He does what he want.  This doesn’t make him revolutionary or interesting. There was a reality show about this a few years ago called “Girls Next Door”.  The whole situation is just sad really
  8. I think I’m addicted to yogurt.  Oikos Caramel Greek Yogurt is amazing!
  9. The Gospel lesson this week is 37 verses long.  I need my voice back!
  10. I seriously love the product placement that occurs in Biggest Loser. It makes me laugh every time.

Until tomorrow…

A Journey through Lent: Day 15


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