Are you a Minister?

So I was hanging out in my Grandfather’s hospital room Saturday making sure he and my Gran were okay as they waited for his hip surgery when suddenly the man in the bed behind me yells out “Are you a Minister or something?”.

Seriously.  How would he have known?  It’s not like I walk around in a collar or a robe.  I don’t have a tattoo on my forehead that says I’m a minister.  I’ve yet to figure out how people know.

I said yes and he started talking.  He told me about his surgery and how the doctors where wonderful.  I listened to him for a bit and then he and his wife started talking about the future of the Faith.  Here’s what they think about what’s happening in the Church:

  • Sunday sports are terrible and keep children away.
  • The older people need to realize we need to let go and move ahead.
  • Things will be okay we just need to realize where we’re at.
  • We need to focus on families.

Here’s the thing.  I did not talk about Church.  I did not talk about the future of the Church.  I wasn’t talking Jesus or anything.  I may have said something about prayer but mostly I was looking at medication charts and attempting to determine whether or not surgery was possible.  I’m always amazed when things like this happen. Why were these people moved to talk to me about where there Church was going? God works in tricky ways.

I’m obviously someone who thinks we need to get passionate about our Faith again. I think we all need to work together for change.  It’s time.  We need to become who God is calling people to be.  Lately I’ve been getting a little discouraged.  People keep telling me we have to move slowly, we can’t push and we need to tread carefully.   I don’t want to be a bull in a china shop but I do think we have a tendency to slow down so much that we never move forward. These people gave me hope again. They want change. They want to merge with another church so they have more resources and people at their disposal.  They’ve thought this through and it was surprising to me.

God is working with us.  God is making us ready.  It’s not about being huge or becoming something we’re not.  As these people were talking I realized they wanted to minister.  They wanted to do what God was calling them too.  They were tired of being held back.

God is making us ready.  That’s a really good thing.

A Journey through Lent: Day 12


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