I love this show and I have to admit I’m more than a little bummed that it’s likely going to be cancelled.

In May each year shows wrap up and leave us anticipating their return. Others are cancelled and several more just disappear. Each show eventually gives way to another.  No show is permanent.  Everything is always changing.  Nothing is safe.

I’ve been reading lately and thinking about the disciples and their journey with Jesus.  It was an interesting one.  At times the disciples lacked confidence. Sometimes they questioned.  Ultimately they chose to follow, listen and obey in spite of the perceived obstacles.   In a sense they cancelled their program, the life they’d been living before.  They began a new life, a new story and it wasn’t easy.  That life was filled with risk and reward.  They needed a change.  They wanted new life.   They were willing to make it happen.

We need to make it happen for us. We’re living in a time of doubt and confusion. We can embrace hope. There could be something better.  I believe our choices can lead us into a brighter future.  I believe that in leaving what’s comfortable we might find what’s meaningful.

Are we ready to take that risk?
Are we willing to make it happen?

A Journey Through Lent: Day 11


2 responses to “Fringe

  1. They just renewed it for Season 4! You are in luck!

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