No Reservations

I love food.  Everything about it evokes a response from your body.  The look, smell and the texture of a dish all impact your dining experience.  As you take that first bite the experience is complete.

This week as we watched Anthony Bourdain on an episode of No Reservations he said something whimsical and profound. “God is right here.  God lives between the skin and the bone of a pig.”  As silly as that comment may have seemed, I’m sure God was with him as he experienced that meal.  Watching the excitement and anticipation of his first bite was a delight.  It was like we were there, experiencing it with him. The expression on his face after the first taste was sheer joy.  That experience was life at it’s finest.  Enjoyment around the table.

Food is steeped in memories.  An open bottle of vanilla instantly transports me to my childhood where a warm cookie waits fresh from the oven.  As my hands prepare a recipe taught to me by my mother I remember those moments.  In those moments she taught me to celebrate life.  She showed me I mattered.

In some ways the Kitchen is life.  We gather around the table to celebrate the ending of another day.  Food is dispersed. Drink is poured. Conversation begins to flow.  Family happens in these moments.  Memories are built in these times of togetherness.  Or at least they’re supposed to be. Most of us don’t have time for this anymore  There are schedules, work and activities.  Life is too busy. Food has become fuel instead of nourishment. This problem isn’t limited to food either.  It’s trickled into every aspect of our lives. We’re too busy to experience life.  It’s trickled into our faith.  I think as Christians we need to savor our faith again.

We’ve become like society.  We don’t want to make the effort.  Preferring instead to have the effort made for us. A drive-thru service experience is ideal.  We want in and out as quickly as possible. We don’t experience faith, we suffer through it.  Instead of valuing time with God we get frustrated with it’s intrusion on our lives.

As Christians we don’t know who we are anymore because we haven’t nourished ourselves the way God intends.  We need to teach people about nourishment but before that can happen we must rediscover this part of who we are.

Many of Jesus’ greatest teaching moments happened around a table.  He spoke of nourishment.  He spoke of replenishment.  We are to gather together at the table.  We are to feed each other, embrace one another and build memories for the next generation.

It’s time to begin again.  It’s time to set our table.


A Journey through Lent: Day 9



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