To Capture a Moment

Lent is a journey.  A walk along the rocky path that leads us straight to God.  My hope this year is that we will experience Jesus in his fullness. That we embrace his teachings.  That we see the healing.  That we feel the anguish at the thought he had to die.  I hope that the joy of the Resurrection overtakes us and fills us with passion for his service.  Lent is a season of great joy and deep pain.  In the end when we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord, I hope we will truly have lived it.

In our lives it can be difficult to remember Jesus from day to day.  Too often we get lost in the mundane and routine.  Our housework takes over.  Our job becomes overwhelming.  We forget about the blessings in our life and start to take them for granted.  This year throughout the period of Lent I am seeking to remedy that.  I am aspiring to find one moment each day that matters.  One moment when I recognize a blessing and feel God’s presence in my life.   Each day I will add a moment to the blog that matters in my life.  It may be a picture or a few words or some scripture.  It might be a story that has touched me and I’d like to share.   I have set no limits on what this task will look like as I’ve found in life God often takes you in unexpected directions.

I’d love for you to join me if you are able.  If you have one moment or ten to add, please send them here and I’ll post them on our “To Capture a Moment” page.  If you’re a blogger and would like to do this on your blog send me your link and I’ll create a list so we can all follow along together. These moments matter.  God is with us today.  As we prepare to meet our risen Lord let’s give thanks for the wonder that surrounds us.

Deepest blessings and welcome to our Lenten Journey.


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