Our Resurrection Moment

As the sun crept towards the horizon they walked silently towards the tomb.  No one could believe it had happened.  How could he have died?  Especially this man.  He was so vibrant just days ago.  What he taught, who he was had helped shape the lives of many and now he was gone.  The women were quite a pair.  Both with the same name yet unique in personality they had but one thing in common, him.  The one they came to mourn.  They didn’t get to mourn.  Instead they experienced life change.  The earth shook.  They met a messenger from God.  They saw the empty tomb and they believed.  Together they knew their world had been changed forever.

In the face of that change, they ran.  Not away in fear but together in joy. They ran to tell others and on the way they met Jesus face to face.  When the women were faced with a moment of believing without seeing, God met them face to face.

This is where we are right now as a community of believers.  We are heading for our resurrection moment.  The time when God is calls us out of mourning to see the life that is before us.  The time when we need to be bold and believe without seeing.  When we need to believe in the unimaginable.

If we believe, we might be met with the extraordinary.  If we believe that Jesus lives and the message is good enough to share we just must might meet Jesus as we go to share that news.  Who better to work with than the one who saves us?  Who better to guide us as we take this new path.

As we head towards Lent we should ask ourselves if we want to be awakened?   Do we want to have new life breathed into us?  Do we want to have our souls stirred?

When we see how far God went to save us, how can we doubt?  When we acknowledge the amazing act of grace how can we fail to respond?

We are headed for our resurrection moment.  Are we ready to embrace it?
Will we believe when we are told that Jesus lives?
Will we believe when we are told we can have new life?


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