To write a post

Here’s what happened to me today when I sat down to write a post:

I opened the Bible.  Turned to Matthew 6:24-34.  Then proceeded to feel very bad when I read it was Jesus telling us not to worry.  I worry all the time. I moved to the Psalms.  Psalm 131 to be exact.  Then felt even worse.  David is apparently content and without worry. Why do I worry?   I don’t know.  I shouldn’t but I do.  I am annoyed.

Annoyed at myself for being annoyed at the Bible, I move instead to the computer. I sit down aiming to jot a few ideas and inspirations down. Instead I wind up thinking about how dumb I am that I’m annoyed because the Bible called me on my faults and I shut down my word document. Perhaps it’s best not to preach about how dumb I am next week.  I might need to reflect a little more on the text.

I move over to Facebook where I see other friends have written and shared beautiful blogs.  I am inspired by them but still have nothing to write.   Found out I am now friends with Bob T. Tomato which makes me smile.  I switch over to Twitter to see what’s happening and hear my son over the monitor.   He gets up, decides to go back down and now I’m listening to him talk himself to sleep.

I contemplate another cup of coffee but decide it might stop my heart with how jittery I’m already feeling due to caffeine overload.  I need my decaf order to get here ASAP!

So here I am still with nothing to say and no coffee to comfort me.  Perhaps I should go do some more reflecting…


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