Random Fluff.

Seriously I’m a Gleek.

I was a Gleek back in the day.  We didn’t call it Glee.  We called it Band and Choir.  I even went to Band Camp.

Imagine my delight and surprise when tonight’s episode had new guy singing “Baby” by Bieber!

Today of all days when I talked about how popular he was.  That’s awesome.  Today the world is filled with Bieber fever.  When I turned on E News at the gym Bieber was being interviewed and admitted to feeling sad about losing the Grammy.  Kudos to him.  If I was nominated for a Grammy and lost I’d feel pretty bummed too.

This show is so happy.  There’s song and dance.  It’s Epic.

I’m about to admit something here.  I kind of like the song Baby.   Especially on Glee.

Good times.

Today has been a good day.  Filled with friends, family, gym time and 50% off Red Velvet Cupcakes from a delightful bakery in town.

I hope tomorrow is equally good.

P.S.  I would love a Ukulele


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