Wow, I’m cranky!

I’m cranky.

Obviously cranky.

I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the ‘snowmageddon’ that’s supposed to arrive tomorrow.

As I sit here now and think of all the wasted energy that went I to being cranky I feel mildly ashamed. I could have accomplished so much more with a positive attitude.

I’m turning over a new leaf. Here are the things I have to be grateful for today:

1: I have warmth. The wind is bitter and I have somewhere warm to be. I am grateful for that.
2: I have a delightful son who tries to make me laugh, loves to play hide and seek and is just generally a joy to be around.
3: I am working steadily until the end of June (minus some holidays here and there).
4: I am caught up on Fringe and there is a new episode on this week.
5: I have a wonderful husband who is at this very moment trying to salvage my pictures. He is the best.

When I think of the joy in my life it definitely trumps the crank in me. I’m choosing to let the crank go. It’s time to start rejoicing – tomorrow’s a snow day! Have fun everyone!


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