Kim Kardashian tithes.

Kim Kardashian tithes. You can read about it here: This is a big commitment. This is a big statement of faith.

Do we do this?
Are we this committed?

We who judge her for how we think she lives her life.  Those of us who think she’s immoral for flashing some skin and taking nude photos. Those of us who claim she’s talentless. The ones who think she’s vapid, empty and needs direction. Yes, we the people who’ve never met this young woman and yet think we have all the answers about who and what she is.

Do we who sit in judgement commit 10% of our lives to God?  Do we dedicate our time and energy to charity and the church?  Are we actively engaged in the world around us?

Kim Kardashian is. Kim Kardashian is engaged with the world around her. Kim Kardashian is committed to making a difference.

Perhaps we could learn a few things from her.  Perhaps we should remember what Jesus said to us:

“Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly.”

(John 7:24 NIV)

2 responses to “Kim Kardashian tithes.

  1. You’re right on Becky! Great post! I believe God gives us reminder examples all the time from sources we may judge to be unlikely. There is that word again — Judged. We place so many unfair standards on people who are loved by God yet some how fail to hold ourselves to those same standards. I wonder if anyone considers the time of the wedding party when Jesus turn water into wine? The guests had already consumed enough wine to be plenty drunk and yet the Son of God adds barrels more!!!

    You think maybe our standards might be a bit high?

  2. I’d never thought of the guests at that wedding as having already been sufficiently intoxicated. Food for thought. Perhaps our standards are a wee bit high. 🙂

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